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"Photography is not just a passion for me; it is an integral part of who I am. The art of capturing moments and freezing them in time brings me immense joy and fulfillment. However, there is something truly magical about working with couples and documenting their love stories. Nothing warms my heart more than being a part of a wedding day and immortalizing those precious memories through the lens. The editing process is where my creativity truly shines. With meticulous attention to detail, I pour my heart and soul into every single edit, ensuring that each photograph is a masterpiece in its own right. I take immense pride in my work, and my dedication is reflected in the exceptional quality I deliver. When you entrust me with your photographs, rest assured that I will invest everything I have into creating stunning visuals that will evoke emotions and stand the test of time."- Alexa

Still have a few more questions?

here are my most frequently asked questions

-How many photos are we gonna get?

Each one of my packages varies in how many images are delivered, but I promise I’ll always include plenty of images of everything I capture. I don’t like to give a cutoff number because I don’t believe in withholding any images from you to get you to pay more like some photographers do. These are your memories, I promise to capture them fully and give you more than enough images to remember this time in your lives

-Do you have different pricing plans?

I require 30% retainer to secure your spot on my calendar, and the remaining 70% is due 3 months in advance for weddings, 2 months in advance for shoots. You can split these payments (up to 3 payments) if you’d like to help make it more affordable. I’m happy to work with your schedule!

-I am so bad at taking photos are you gonna help me pose?

Absolutely! I understand that being in front of the camera can sometimes feel awkward or uncomfortable, especially if you're not accustomed to posing. Rest assured that one of my specialties as a photographer is working with people and making them feel at ease during the entire session. I take pride in my ability to guide and direct you to capture your best angles and authentic expressions. So, no need to worry about posing or feeling self-conscious, together we'll create stunning photographs that reflect the genuine connection between you and your partner.

-Can you photoshop me?

I don’t alter the way you look other than skin blemishes or anything temporary that would not normally be there (bruise, scrape, acne etc unless you’d like me to keep it the photos). If you’re self conscious about something, please let me know as I’ll be sure to be extra aware of that while I’m posing you.

-How long have you been doing photography

7 years! I started shooting at 15 years old.

-Do you have any discounts?

No, my prices are firm.

-How many weddings do you take a year?

Each year this changes, but this year I’m only accepting 2 weddings a month. I do this so I can give my couples the best experience and photos possible and not spread myself thin. I focus on quality, not quantity. 

-What if there's bad weather?

I always encourage embracing whatever weather comes our way, as it’s beautiful and unique in photos. If it is hot enough that it would make for a horrible time at our shoot and I can reschedule (or ruin my gear from downpour rain), then we totally will!

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